About Us

Archana Kale
Winakki Kids

After I quit my corporate job at AT&T to dedicate time to my family I was unaware that life would lead me in a completely different direction. Four years later I was combining my skills in people management and course in fashion towards forming a company. I started my entrepreneurship journey in the garment wholesale business and while growing and studying the nuances of the business, I nurtured the idea of a business that would combine my skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the market.

This idea came into fruition with the help of my two lovely toddlers – Deepshikha (Age 4, Winnie) and Akanksha (Age 7, Akki). I always struggled to find the right clothes for them at the price I wanted for a festive occasion. Either it was too expensive for a toddler and did not make budget sense or was too substandard for a cheaper price and did not last after the first wash. Hence, ‘Winakki Kids’ formally came into existence in June 2013. It specializes in the creation of special dresses for toddlers and girls between the age group of 2- 8 years of age.

After that, there was no looking back. Things just went ahead on full steam. What began as a few supplies to individual stores in Bangalore has now blossomed into a business. By March 2014, Winakki Kids was online on Myntra, Flipkart and Mybabycart. From doing 100 dresses a month, the company has now increased its production substantially and is making 3000 pieces a month. All the dresses are designed personally by me with my team keeping in mind the unique requirements of the children and also the parents.

Winakki Kids is currently surging to the top and grabs its place in the top retailers for girl’s apparels every other month on all the online retail platforms because of its great designs, superior product quality and astute pricing strategy. We at Winakki continuously work towards improving the designs and quality of their products, thus increasing sales at a rate of 70-74% every month on month on all its products.

Our growth story has just started. And it is all set to move to the next level with innovation in design and product, continuous insightful research, smart marketing and a whole lot of good old fashioned hard work.